Upwork partners with Catch

Freelancing platform Upwork is partnering with portable benefits platform Catch. Together, the companies will provide access to healthcare benefits and personal payroll to independent professionals operating on the Upwork platform.

Founded in 2016, Catch allows freelancers to manage their own payroll while setting aside money for taxes. Freelancers can also use the service for enrolling in health insurance and setting aside money for retirement and savings.

At one point, Catch redirected users interested in life insurance to Ladder but currently the company doesn’t feature life insurance as one of the available products. According to this, Catch is working hard to “build out other features like life insurance, student loan support, and more.”

“This partnership between Upwork and Catch is in service of enabling freelancers to do the work they love without worrying about the complexity of securing their benefits and finances. With Catch and our other talent offering partnerships, we aim to empower highly skilled professionals to stay laser-focused on their careers and business opportunities.” – Sam Bright, chief product & experience officer at Upwork.

“Freelancers on Upwork are leading the new world of work, and we’re here to support them with the benefits they need to thrive in it. Catch is the only personal payroll platform where freelancers can get benefits they would otherwise receive from an employer. We look forward to supporting the hundreds of thousands of professionals on Upwork who proudly choose to be independent.” – Kristen Anderson, CEO and co-founder of Catch.