Claimbot Closes $615,000 in Seed Funding

Austin-based Claimbot, the creator of an enterprise-class virtual chat engine specifically built for the insurance and automotive industries, has announced it has raised $615k in seed funding. With participation from the Google Assistant Investments program, Notley Ventures, Social Starts and several individual angel investors, the funding will primarily be used to accelerate the development of its AI-enabled virtual chat engine, as well as expand the company’s sales and product development teams.


“Insurance and automotive companies waste billions handling customer service requests through archaic call centers that drive little satisfaction in return. We are leveraging emerging technology like artificial intelligence to automate and enhance the customer journey, delivering knowledge to end-users in a format they crave. This infusion of capital will drive our product innovation to further empower insurance and auto companies to deliver a more streamlined experience to their customers.” – Miguel Fernandez, co-founder and CEO of Claimbot.

Established in 2016, Claimbot offers an AI-enabled virtual chat engine that provides more efficient interactions when filing claims, requesting roadside assistance, purchasing coverage or paying a bill. The company’s platform integrates with Zendesk, Braintree Payments, Stripe and other APIs so that it’s as effective as a company’s customer service agent, capable of delivering the accurate and actionable knowledge users need to solve problems on their own. Enterprises such as Silvercar by Audi, Brightside Cover and Omadi Roadside are using the company’s smart chat engine to help deflect up to 44% of their inbound call center requests.

“In today’s on-demand, time constrained, digital world, consumers no longer want to wait on hold to speak with a human customer service representative or get stuck in an automated menu selection flow that might not address their needs. They want to start solving their problems immediately. Built specifically for the insurance and automotive industries, Claimbot’s smart chat engine can uniquely understand the complex customer requests inherent to this space and deliver an unprecedented level of actionable information and interactivity enabling users to solve their problems quickly. We are incredibly excited about how Claimbot is solving these challenges today and the opportunity to apply its AI capabilities to other unique needs of the insurance and automotive space.” – Josh Rickel, partner at Notley Ventures.