Clearcover launches an embedded experience via Experian

Clearcover has launched an embedded insurance solution in which consumers receive final, bindable quotes when they shop via Experian’s auto insurance comparison shopping service.

Clearcover currently offers auto policies in 19 states.

“We’re redesigning the insurance playbook by streamlining processes and building new experiences and capabilities. We are grateful to Experian for putting their trust in us to develop solutions that improve their users’ experiences.” – Clearcover CEO Kyle Nakatsuji.

“Working with a tech-enabled carrier is a win-win. Clearcover is uniquely positioned to tailor the underlying embedded experience so that our customers can quickly and easily shop for auto insurance policies all in one place. When we can empower consumers to make positive changes effortlessly, Experian is achieving its goal of financial power for all.” – Rakesh Patel, GM of Experian Insurance Services at Experian.