Experian acquires Wave HDC

Experian , a global information services company, has acquired Wave HDC , a healthcare technology firm specializing in AI-driven data curation solutions.

This acquisition aims to enhance Experian Health’s portfolio by offering more robust and efficient healthcare coverage identification and automation capabilities. Wave HDC’s technology focuses on revealing unknown insurance benefits and patient demographics early in the healthcare process. By doing so, it addresses administrative challenges like claim denials.

Wave HDC is a healthcare technology company specializing in AI-based data management and billing solutions. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in the Tampa Bay area. The company’s key offerings include Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), insurance management, financial disposition curation, eligibility curation, and more.

Wave HDC provides various insurance curation services, including Coordination of Benefits and Medicare Beneficiary Identifiers, catering to hospitals, laboratories, billing companies, and physician groups. This acquisition enriches Experian Health’s patient access products, enabling real-time capture of all vital registration data as patients check in, thereby eliminating the need for post-registration data updates and speeding up reimbursements.

The Experian-acquisition of Wave HDC comes two years after Experian acquired P&C insurance company, Gabi.