Cognizant selected by Alm. Brand Group to enable automation services

Cognizant has unveiled a partnership with Denmark’s Alm. Brand Group.

This agreement will see Cognizant take over certain business operations that Alm. Brand had previously outsourced. The initiative will prioritize process automation to enhance operational efficiency, enrich the customer experience, and elevate Alm. Brand’s market position.

The partnership aims to automate routine insurance and administrative tasks to save time and improve customer interactions. Cognizant, leveraging its Centre of Excellence in Vilnius, which boasts expertise in insurance and Nordic languages, plans to centralize Alm. Brand’s outsourced functions in Vilnius by 2024, working closely with Alm. Brand’s automation experts to explore additional areas for automation.

“We are thrilled to be working with Alm. Brand Group to support them in automating manual and repetitive processes. The insurance sector has vast potential to modernize its operations and automation is a highly effective technology to improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer experience. Automation often sets businesses up for future readiness, enabling greater transformation and preparedness for the advancement of technologies such as Generative AI. Businesses – and industries – who prioritize digital transformation are often able to gain a greater competitive advantage.” – Thomas Djursoe, Country Manager of Cognizant Denmark.