Crawford & Company Partners With Claims Genius

Crawford & Company and Claim Genius, an AI and image analytics company, are collaborating on AI Mobility solutions to improve the processing speed and accuracy of auto insurance claims.

With plans to launch in August for Crawford’s global clients in North American countries, Claims Genius’ solution will be used by Crawford’s WeGoLook “Lookers” to provide instant damage analysis and claim estimates for repairing damaged vehicles – data which can be streamlined into an insurer’s claim management platform utilizing Crawford’s claim management products.

“Our partnership with Claim Genius is another example of Crawford bringing innovative and creative solutions that improve the responsiveness, accuracy and efficiency of the claims management process. This solution, which combines the unique insights and talents of both companies, is based on a cloud-based AI Image analytics mobile platform. Our goal is to simplify and automate claims management workflows, which will reduce insurer claims costs by up to 60%.” – President and CEO of Crawford & Company, Harsha V. Agadi.

“We are extremely excited about this opportunity to collaborate with Crawford in this endeavor. This opens up a global market opportunity for us. Crawford and Claim Genius share a vision and passion for bringing innovation and improvement to the claim management arena.” – Founder and CEO of Claim Genius, Raj Pofale.