FinFit Life partners with John Hancock

FinFit Life  is renewing its focus on its Vitality Program in partnership with John Hancock.

The program aims to make life insurance more than just a financial safety net; it’s designed to promote healthy living as well. Policyholders are incentivized with reduced premiums, shopping gift cards, and travel discounts for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, good eating habits, and routine health checks.

The company offers various types of permanent life insurance, including Universal and Indexed Universal Life Insurance, which feature benefits like flexible premium payments, tax-deferred cash growth, and lifetime death benefits. What sets FinFit Life apart, however, is the Vitality Program, which rewards customers for living healthily.

“FinFit Life is set to revolutionize how people view and use life insurance. We’re not just providing financial protection, we’re promoting a healthier, financially secure future for families across the U.S. It’s a win-win scenario.” – Company president William Pienias.