Flock and Centrik introduce connected drone insurance

Operational management system supplier Centrik and specialist drone and eVTOL insurance provider Flock Limited  have formed a strategic alliance. The move means a commercial UAS operator who uses Centrik to manage its operations can now automatically align insurance costs with their actual exposure to risk.

Flock’s connected insurance offering allows operators to purchase a single policy that scales with their business offering flexible liability limits for individual jobs. Every month UAV operators are billed based on the number of flights undertaken and the level of risk they are exposed to. This data is securely analyzed by Flock’s risk intelligence engine with direct integration into Centrik’s platform.

“Flock’s risk intelligence engine combines real-time data, like weather and building density, with flight logs directly from systems like Centrik to create completely custom UAV insurance policies. Together we’re enabling the air mobility companies of the future to align costs with activity, improve safety standards, and set themselves up to scale seamlessly.” – Ed Leon Klinger, CEO, Flock.

“We’ve already seen substantial uptake of Centrik in critical UAS sectors, where it has had a demonstrable impact on improving operational efficiency, safety, and excellence. This new strategic alliance means drone operators can safely and securely feed in the information recorded on their Centrik system to Flock – which will then be able to provide them with the precise level of cover they require.” – David Hunkin, Head of UAS, Centrik .