GloveBox Establishes Concrete Development Partner in Safeco Insurance

GloveBox, the all-encompassing mobile app that provides access to insurance documents for consumers, has announced its partnership with one of the primary carriers in the independent agency channel, Safeco Insurance (A Liberty Mutual Company). The two sides have committed to a dedicated working relationship, giving GloveBox the ability to rollout initiatives that will be groundbreaking for Safeco’s policy holders. As the mobile app propels into the second phase of development, the companies will each exchange proprietary information to further solidify the ability for policy holders to have an enhanced and functional insurance experience.

“The ability to work with such a highly touted carrier on this next stage of our evolution will ensure that we are maximizing the ease and clarity for the consumer,” said CEO Ryan Mathisen. “Not only will this provide an expedited service for Safeco clients, but it will demonstrate the trust that we are seeking with other carriers in the P&C market.”

The second phase of development as it pertains to the carrier will include a portal for features such as a claims concierge and bill pay. The insured can expect to connect to Safeco, access their insurance documents, have a seamless avenue to pay their bill, and help expedite the claims process.

To date, Safeco is the first carrier to commit resources that will enable true connectivity with their systems. With Safeco being a benchmark in incumbent insurance innovation, GloveBox is now engaging in conversations with many other major brands who are interested in being a part of this transformation.

“This is all in hopes of maximizing the potential of such a uniquely aggregated technology that has never been seen before,” said Mathisen. “Giving agency partners a truly beneficial resource that is applicable to today’s demands of running an agency while providing policy holders with what is commonly referred to as a ‘no brainer’ for everyday interaction with their insurance. Our initial carriers are going to set the stage on what this innovation should look and feel like.”

The second phase of development will take place over the coming months with no set release date.