Hedvig enters pet insurance market

Swedish full stack insurer Hedvig is now offering pet insurance.

Coverage has been developed to also include compensation if the policyholder needs to stay home to care for the pet. In addition, there’s a deductible discount of SEK 1,000 if the policyholder chooses to initially connect with Hedvig’s partner FirstVet .

When it comes to claims, they can be reported via the Hedvig’s app.

Founded in 2016, Hedvig has raised $99 million and insures roughly 130,000 people.

“Our members have been asking for dog insurance and cat insurance for a long time . When we develop a new insurance, we always start from how people live today and make sure to develop insurance terms that reflect this. In the new animal insurance, “animal-vabb” is a good example of that, taking care of your sick animal can be just as important as taking care of a sick child.” – Lucas Carlsén, CEO and co-founder of Hedvig.