Nationwide VetHelpline adds video consultation feature

Nationwide pet insurance members using the company’s VetHelpline app can now have a video call with a veterinary professional as part of the platform’s new video consultation feature.

The new feature is powered by FirstVet.

Prior to this feature, app users were able to have in-app chats and phone consultations with the VetHelpline staff.

“Our new VetHelpline gives Nationwide members convenience and expertise in the palm of their hand. I can’t overstate how helpful it can be for pet families to be able to reach a veterinary professional 24/7. For questions as diverse as, ‘Do I need to go to the emergency room?’ to ‘How do I assess my pet’s quality of life?,’ this service is an incredible resource.” – Dr. Jules Benson, Vice President, Pet Health and Chief Veterinary Officer for Nationwide.