Introducing “Blue Claim Easy”

Blue , the first digital life insurer in Hong Kong, has announced that it has introduced a new claims service – “Blue Claim EasyTM”. The offering sets a new standard for the processing of critical illness, death and personal accident insurance products that offer large claims. “Blue Claim EasyTM” service promises to provide customers with initial claims results within two working days, and allows them to make the initial application without the need to submit all supporting documentation.

Blue understands the stress that customers feel when faced with unfortunate events in their life. The insurer has therefore designed “Blue Claim EasyTM” to simplify the claims process, addressing the customer pain point of having to wait for a long period of time for their claims results. Upon submission of the application, Blue guarantees that the initial claims assessment will be made within just two working days.

To facilitate customer claims applications, Blue clearly illustrates its simple three-step claims process as well as product-specific claims information on its company website. Customers can simply select the insurance product they have purchased and the specific benefit they wish to claim. The webpage will then guide them through the required documents to be submitted, removing the hassle of sifting through large volumes of documents to locate the correct claims forms.

As customers often feel the need for assurance and guidance when making a claim against their life insurance policies, “Blue Claim EasyTM” service allows them to lodge an enquiry if they are unsure about the specific documents they need for the claims, or if they want to know the validity of their claims under certain hypothetical situations. Without the need to log into a customer portal, customers can simply email their claims enquiries directly to Blue. They will immediately receive an acknowledgement email, and a Blue claims assistant will respond within two working days to offer personal assistance.

Blue’s dedicated claims assistants aim to bring a human touch during customers’ most vulnerable moments in life, reflecting the company’s commitment to customer care and to making the process as stress free as possible. The claims assistant will personally follow up on the entire claims journey, providing timely progress updates via phone or email.