Introducing Viesure by Vienna Insurance Group (VIG)

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) has launched its first internal corporate startup, the “viesure innovation center” (viesure). Managed by VIG’s Wiener Städtische Versicherung, the new company – based at coworking space “Talent Garden Vienna” – will focus on emerging trends in customer service and will collaborate with Startup300, “a for-profit company built on a strong foundation of a high caliber community of passionate entrepreneurs, investors, startups and visionaries.”



“Our Group companies are keeping close track of the digital transformation. Some of our insurance companies are already collaborating with start-ups and benefiting from the combination of the experience of an established business with new innovative drive and an unconventional approach. I’m delighted that we have now launched a new start-up of our own under the management of Wiener Städtische and can begin positioning it in Austria. The creative outputs will then also be put to use within the Group.” – Vienna Insurance Group CEO Elisabeth Stadler.



The aim of viesure is to help make purely digital interactions with insurance customers easier, faster and more transparent. This involves creating a digital ecosystem, digitalizing internal customer-facing processes and designing innovative services that deliver added value.

“We are bundling our digital focuses in this new company, and at the same time capitalizing on external know-how and the innovative spirit of the start-up environment. This will enable us to respond even quicker to evolving customer needs, cultural change and shifts in the market. viesure will play a part in consolidating Wiener Städtische’s position as an innovation leader on the Austrian market.” – Wiener Städtische Versicherung CEO Robert Lasshofer.

Bottom Line: Part of VIG’s “Agenda 2020.”


// In good company.