KBC – Now on Alexa and in The Virtual Space

KBC Group, the Belgium-based bank-insurer has announced that it will be available on Amazon’s Alexa in the end of June, allowing clients to check their account balances. The company also announced the launch of its Virtual Space, a brand new 3D concept that is open for everyone. Starting off with an English version and currently in the experimental phase, The Virtual Space helps visitors interact with a number of financial matters in a fun way. Visitors enter the space through the lobby, where they receive a tutorial about the space. Aside from the lobby, the space offers five more sections: (1) The Vault – visitors can log in to KBC Touch, check account balances, transfer money and more, (2) The Support Area – visitors can receive instant assistance with technical matters, (3) The Experience Zone – a place where visitors can see how the bank secures their money, (4) The Training Center, and (5) The Advertising Area – where visitors can view the latest campaigns by KBC.


Get a feel for the space below:



KBC is looking to offer its clients a unique bank-insurance experience . Technological innovations offer exciting new opportunities. At KBC, we want our clients to benefit fully from such opportunities that have already appeared in other sectors and to enjoy even more user convenience. That’s why we’re starting these two trials and making them open to both clients and non-clients. By doing so, we can better understand the current zeitgeist, find out what clients want today, how they deal with new technology and how we can prepare ourselves in advance for the ‘day-after tomorrow’. We will draw the necessary conclusions from these trials and then decide where and how we will invest in the future. By adopting a gradual but decisive approach, we will ensure that KBC keeps up with technological developments and makes full use of the opportunities arising from them. It is even more important that we do everything in our power to anticipate and respond proactively to the fast-changing behaviour and expectations of our clients. This will enable us to remain a forward-thinking and reliable partner for our clients, who are looking for convenience and ease-of-use, on the spot, wherever and whenever they want.” – Chief Innovation Officer at KBC Group, Erik Luts.


The Virtual Space can be dowloaded here.