MAPFRE Is Now on Amazon

Leading Spanish-insurer MAPFRE announced it has signed a “strategic agreement” with Amazon Spain. As part of the agreement, MAPFRE will offer its products on via a branded storefront, becoming the first insurer in Spain to offer products on Amazon.

According to the press release, MAPFRE and Amazon will explore additional ways to collaborate including the use of Amazon Pay on MAPFRE, and installing Amazon’s pickup lockers for online orders in select MAPFRE stores. Last, “MAPFRE will also collaborate with ‘Amazon Familia’, the Amazon program for the support and care of families, where it will have a very active presence, helping new parents from the birth or adoption of their children.”

“We wanted to elevate the agreement to a very strategic, long-term and extended plan, which will allow us to build a very personalized experience with its users and with our future clients, which truly adds value to their lives and, especially, to the lives of their families.” – Territorial CEO of MAPFRE IBERIA, José Manuel Inchausti .

Bottom Line: Acko and Travelers come to mind.