Mile Auto Launches Pay-Per-Mile Insurance In OR & IL

Mile Auto has finally  launched its pay-per-mile insurance product in Oregon and Illinois – “sold through independent insurance agents in Oregon and Illinois.”



“It makes sense that the less you drive, the less likely you are to be involved in an accident. Traditional insurance policies aren’t priced based on mileage and in effect, people driving fewer than about 10,000 miles per year are subsidizing higher-mileage drivers and paying too much. We created Mile Auto to give lower mileage drivers more transparency and control over their auto insurance, plus unmatched customer service, all at a fair price.” – Mile Auto CEO, Fred Blumer.

Rather than using tracking devices or smartphone apps to monitor driving and mileage, Mile Auto asks drivers to use their smartphone to snap a photo of their odometer once a month. Through its patented computer vision technology, Mile is able to verify the vehicle and the mileage reading from only the photo.

“With our background in telematics, we know very well how much information these ‘black box’ tracking devices can gather. Consumer privacy is more important than ever, and we believe that where you go, how you drive, and where you and your car sleep at night are your business, not your insurance company’s,” – Blumer.