Nationwide Express integrates with Comparative Raters

Nationwide Express is now compatible with comparative raters EZLynx and PL Rating, allowing an agent who chooses Nationwide from their rater to now easily bridge to Nationwide Express to close the sale faster.

“Nationwide Express will save agents a ton of time and make the quoting and binding process much simpler. I appreciate the way you are asking for our feedback on Nationwide Express. I don’t think there are many other carriers that are going as in-depth in asking for agent feedback on these types of things as Nationwide is right now, and that speaks volumes.” – Sam Nudelman, Firefly Agency.

“This capability is a big deal for our agents to close more sales. The comparative rater integration with Nationwide Express makes it incredibly easy for agents and provides a fast experience for their customer. The speed at which we’re enabling an independent agent to sell is unique among carriers, and a big advantage for our agency partners. At the end of the day, independent agents are the experts on their customers’ needs and Nationwide Express is a great solution to meet those needs.” – Jeff Rommel, Nationwide’s SVP Sales & Distribution.