Nationwide partners with Adopt a Pet

Nationwide and Adopt a Pet, one of North America’s largest pet-adoption websites, are working together to educate new pet parents and potential adopters about the role that “pet health insurance can play in managing the lifetime costs associated with pet ownership.”

As part of the partnership, Nationwide will become the exclusive pet insurance provider of Adopt a Pet, enabling the insurer to promote its pet protection solutions within the Adopt a Pet ecosystem of animal welfare organizations.

Adopt a Pet helps 19,000+ animal shelters, humane societies, SPCAs, pet rescue groups, and pet adoption agencies showcase around 240k adoptable pets at any given time to’s 3.5 million monthly visitors.

The collaboration also presents an opportunity for Nationwide to provide informative content to shelters and adopters. By leveraging its vast trove of policy and claims data, Nationwide’s veterinary analytics team will deliver personalized pet health insights based on breed, age and other factors. This information is meant to support shelter staff and inform potential adopters as “they consider what pet best fits their family.”

“Adopting a pet is a special experience and we’re thrilled that this partnership makes Nationwide part of that journey, starting from ‘Gotcha Day.’ Our goal is to educate adopters on healthy pet ownership and show how insurance can make it possible for families to always say ‘yes’ to needed, yet often expensive and unexpected medical care.” – Nationwide pet insurance president and chief pet officer Heidi Sirota.

“Helping potential pet parents is at the core of what Adopt a Pet stands for, and while we’re known for helping adopters find their best match, we see this partnership as an opportunity to really guide them into becoming great pet parents. Collaborating with Nationwide allows us to provide people with more education and make them feel confident that they’re giving their pets the best protection possible.” – Jeannine Taaffe, CEO at Adopt a Pet.