Nationwide partners with Human API

Nationwide announced a partnership with Human API to improve the life insurance buying experience by maximizing the use of digital health data to accelerate the underwriting process.

Human API’s Health Intelligence Platform connects electronic health data from thousands of sources in the US, “servicing millions of Americans.” This platform enables Nationwide to acquire consumer’s digital health data and eliminate the need to wait for labs or exams.

“Nationwide and Human API are committed to a customer-centric experience that delivers fast and transparent life insurance to the consumer. By obtaining an applicant’s medical history in a digital format, we start providing value to them before a policy is even issued in the form of a faster, smoother process.” – Lee Fluharty, chief underwriter for Nationwide’s life insurance business.

“Our platform allows insurers to capitalize on the availability of digital medical data, using this data to shape their life insurance application process into a smooth, end-to-end digital experience for their consumers, previously unattainable with manual processes. We are thrilled to be working with Nationwide to redefine the life insurance buying process for their consumers.” – Andrei Pop, CEO of Human API.