Nationwide partners with Teledyne FLIR and PrevTech

Nationwide announced two new partnerships with Teledyne FLIR and PrevTech Innovations to help agriculture customers and partners mitigate electrical risks.

Teledyne FLIR thermal imaging cameras allow customers to see what’s going on with mechanical equipment, electrical boards/panels, insulation, and more, and identify problems before they interrupt business flow.

The PrevTech solution provides real-time electrical monitoring, fault detection and diagnostic services to reduce the risk of fire and operational interruptions. PrevTech proactively connects with clients and guides them in the diagnostic and risk mitigation process.

Nationwide’s agriculture customers can benefit from “exclusive preferred pricing” with these new partners.

“As a protection company, we’re regularly exploring new ways to offer enhanced protection and peace of mind for our customers. Electrical failures can lead to detrimental impacts for a farm or commercial agribusiness, but more than two-thirds of failures can be prevented by having a routine preventive maintenance program in place1. We’re proud to be the first US insurer to team up with these innovative companies to get their solutions directly into the hands of our customers and partners to help better protect their businesses and livelihoods.” – Brad Liggett, president of Agribusiness at Nationwide.