Nestment Selects Obie as their Insurance Partner to Streamline the Insurance Process for Co-buyers

Why did Obie partner with Nestment?

Nestment selects Obie as their insurance partner to streamline the insurance process for co-buyers. Through this partnership co-buying groups will be able to obtain insurance on their property faster than ever, while also having a clear place to organize and divide financial responsibility within the Nestment platform.

Who is Nestment?

Nestment combines technology and industry expertise to give groups of family and/or friends everything they need to buy real estate together. Its platform breaks down the barriers that stop groups from buying homes together, offering:

  • Investment analysis of homes across the US
  • Legal and lending tools
  • Logistic support to align and coordinate groups along co-ownership roadmap
  • Ecosystem of co-buy professionals to leverage during the home buying process from start to finish
  • Post-purchase offerings with preferred property management vendors

How does Nestment work?

Nestment helps simplify co-ownership. Co-ownership through Nestment starts with creating a group with your intended partners and completing the provided legal and vending documents. Once completed, you are ready to select a property. Nestment will provide everything needed to co-buy–from automatic financial estimates and projections to all the documentation needed. As a Nestment customer, you’ll also get access to co-buying experts such as lenders, attorneys, and realtors through their platform.

What is co-buying and what are the benefits?

Co-buying is a great way to share the costs that are normally associated with real estate investing, while still building the sustainable wealth associated with property ownership. Co-buying is simply purchasing an asset, in this case property, with another party, such as a business partner, friend, or family member. It also allows you to still gain recurring revenue and any tax benefits that occur with property ownership. Through co-buying, you and your partners can share in the rewards of owning property on all fronts.

Partner with Obie

Obie is providing leaders in the proptech space a solution to aid in providing a more efficient process and seamless customer experience as they scale. Contact our Partnerships Team by clicking here and learn more about how partnering with Obie can add value to your platform.

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