Obie Partners with Sundae

Obie is excited to announce a new partnership with Sundae, a home-selling platform that helps owners get the best price for their dated or “fixer-upper” property via an auction with hundreds of local real estate investors. Sundae prioritizes transparency and ease, enabling owners to sell quickly at a fair price while giving investors unique opportunities to purchase off-market homes.

The partnership between Obie and Sundae will provide investors with the appropriate insurance they need to protect properties bought through the Sundae platform. Potential buyers no longer need to go off-site to find landlord insurance; instead, they can get a customized quote directly through Sundae. That means less time spent searching for the right product or waiting on provider responses–time that’s even more valuable in the competitive auction marketplace.

“By partnering with Obie to provide investors on our marketplace with access to reliable insurance for their investment properties, and at a better price, we are able to simplify an additional step in their process and help them save more money, leading to a higher return on their investments,” said Josh Stech, Co-Founder and CEO at Sundae.

Ryan Letzieser, CEO of Obie, couldn’t agree more. “Our collaboration with Sundae will reduce friction in the buying process, making it easier for investors to complete deals and grow their portfolios.”

Partner with Obie

Obie offers leaders in the proptech space a solution to create more efficient processes and a seamless customer experience as they scale. Contact our Partnerships Team to learn how partnering with Obie can add value to your platform. 

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