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Fuzzy raises $44 million

By Avi Ben-Hutta
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Obie partners with Doorvest to provide coverage to investors

By Aaron Letzeiser, Obie ·

Health Apps Aren't Just for the Young

By Kate Lyons, RGAX ·

Nuon AI and Ignite Systems partner to deliver UK’s first embedded AI pricing service

By Paul Doran, Nuon AI ·

How a US insurer empowered customers to buy term life in 25 minutes or less with Socotra

By Socotra, Socotra ·

New Head of Revenue joins Semsee

By Emmeline Reed, Semsee ·

Mobile Apps: Game changer for the insurance industry

By Katarina Matak, Amodo ·

Obie and NestEgg Partner for Seamless Property Management Experience

By Aaron Letzeiser, Obie ·

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