Petco and Nationwide launch co-branded pet insurance product

After announcing plans for a multi-year partnership to co-develop integrated and affordable pet health, Nationwide and Petco are introducing a new pet insurance offering that is now available on

The companies announced their exclusive partnership in October 2022, with plans to launch a product in 2023.

The co-branded experience on enables visitors to build a policy that includes coverage for accidents or accidents and illnesses. There’s also the option to add wellness benefits.

Once enrolled, members will receive exclusive discounts and savings on veterinary services available through Petco’s network of over 280 Vetco Total Care hospitals and approximately 1,450 weekly mobile Vetco Vaccination Clinics across the US.

The partnership also offers more than 1.2 million members of Nationwide’s broader pet insurance network a “first-of-its-kind” discount of 10% when visiting a Vetco Total Care hospital or Vetco Vaccination Clinic. The discount applies to all services rendered during the visit, even those that may not be eligible for reimbursement based on a member’s chosen coverage.

“We’re thrilled to pair our most flexible pet protection solution with Petco’s veterinary services to offer convenient, unified care within Petco’s complete ecosystem. This latest expansion of our partnership with Petco delivers integrated and affordable pet health and protection that will enable more pet parents to ‘say yes to the vet.'” – Mariel Devesa, head of growth, expansion & development for Nationwide pet insurance.

“Increasing access to high-quality, affordable and seamless veterinary care is a key component of Petco’s mission to improve lives. The customizable, data-driven pet insurance and care solutions we co-developed with Nationwide are designed to help families of all budgets and areas of the country prioritize their pets’ immediate and long-term needs through our 360-degree health and wellness ecosystem.” – Petco chief veterinarian Dr. Whitney Miller, DVM, MBA, DACVPM.