Pogo raises $14.8 million

Pogo, a NY-based startup looking to help consumers monetize their data, has raised $14.8 million in funding – a $12.3 million seed round and a previously unannounced $2.5 million pre-seed round. Some of the backers include Josh Buckley, Slow Ventures, Village Global, MrBeast’s Night Ventures, as well as 100+ top founders, operators and creators.

Founded in 2020, Pogo tracks financial and location data to present users with rewards and potential savings. The startup has an insurance angle, which is powered by Trellis via Savvy Insurance Solutions. (Research members can get a sense of the service here).

“In a world where corporations are benefiting from your data without your knowledge, we believe that you deserve the tools to put your own data to work for your own benefit. Though everyone knows that their data is valuable, there has yet to be an easy, engaging way for consumers to actually profit. Over the last year at Pogo, we’ve launched an app used by hundreds of thousands of families in America and we’ve generated millions of dollars in savings and earnings. The key has been creating a fun and simple way for people to interact with their data to improve their financial health. In fact, people use Pogo as much as their favorite social apps, with user retention on par with Instagram and Twitter.” – Pogo.