SecurityAdvisor raises $7.3 million

The individualized security platform, SecurityAdvisor, has closed a $7.3 million Series A round of funding led by ClearSky Security, Crosslink Capital, SixThirty Ventures, and Cyber Mentor Fund. The startup intends on using their newfound wealth to further develop and advertise their products.

Founded in 2018, SecurityAdvisor provides a personalized security awareness platform “that measurably reduces security incidents.” The platform integrates with existing security infrastructure to coach employees in real time, teach them how to identify and resolve cyber attacks, and help security teams better measure the ROI and effectiveness of their training initiatives.

In 2020, the startup began a partnership with Resilience and as part of the partnership, Resilience customers enjoy discounted pricing on a range of services around cyber risk including email phishing simulation, single sign-on integration, mobile support–IOS and Android, quarterly user risk analytic reports, real-time security awareness tips on Slack, Teams, Facebook, and Workspace, and more.

“The work environment created by the pandemic and which will continue to be part of our new standard contains prominent remote environments that depend on the autonomy and resilience of employees against cyber-attacks,” said Peter Kuper, a managing partner, ClearSky Security. “SecurityAdvisor’s ability to provide personalized coaching to build awareness and change user behavior is a disruptive shift from the traditional security training model. Rather than providing basic compliance security training, security leaders can use SecurityAdvisor to implement ongoing education processes that identify risky behavior in real-time to prevent data breaches.”