ServiceNow to acquire Element AI

Santa Clara-based enterprise software company ServiceNow announced the acquisition of Canadian AI company Element AI .

Founded in 2016, Element AI is a team of approximately 300 people who help companies apply AI to text and language, chat, images, search, question response, and summarization. With the acquisition of Element AI, ServiceNow will create an AI Innovation Hub in Canada. ServiceNow’s AI Innovation Hub in Canada follows similar investments by ServiceNow to create technology development centers in Chicago, Hyderabad, Kirkland, Wash., San Diego, and Silicon Valley.

“AI technology is evolving rapidly as companies race to digitally transform 20th century processes and business models. ServiceNow is leading this once‑in‑a‑generation opportunity to make work, work better for people. With Element AI’s powerful capabilities and world class talent, ServiceNow will empower employees and customers to focus on areas where only humans excel – creative thinking, customer interactions, and unpredictable work. That’s a smarter way to workflow.” – ServiceNow Chief AI Officer Vijay Narayanan.