Smartcar is expanding beyond the United States

Today, we’re excited to announce that Smartcar is expanding beyond the United States. Businesses with operations in Europe can now use our platform to build and scale their mobility services. Smartcar customers can request early access to our APIs in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Norway, with additional countries following soon. Our first customers in Europe include the car sharing marketplace Turo, the auto insurance provider Paydrive, and the energy company Krafthem.

The leading developer platform for mobility businesses

Smartcar is the leading developer platform for mobility businesses. Companies of all sizes use our APIs to connect their apps and services with cars. Car sharing marketplaces carry out contactless rentals with digital keys. Fleet management software providers offer hardware-free fleet tracking solutions. EV charging networks check their customers’ vehicle location and state of charge to recommend nearby charging stations.

Now available in Europe

Existing Smartcar customers and new customers who offer mobility services in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, or Norway can now request early access to our platform.


“We’ve seen growing interest from European businesses that want to use our APIs,” said Smartcar CEO Sahas Katta. “We decided to validate our product with a number of customers in Germany, the UK, Sweden, and Norway. The progress and enthusiasm we’ve seen from these first partnerships in the past several months has been the driver to officially launch our platform in these four countries.”

Smartcar in Germany

One of our early customers with operations in Germany is the car sharing software provider Zemtu. The Austria-based company uses Smartcar to offer a keyless software solution to car sharing businesses across Europe. The keyless solution allows renters to locate and unlock vehicles directly from their phones. Zemtu’s customers CARUSO Carsharing and Teilzeug use the solution for their car sharing businesses in Germany.

Smartcar in the United Kingdom

The U.S.-based car sharing marketplace Turo uses Smartcar’s technology for a pilot program in the United Kingdom, providing secure and convenient keyless rentals to its British customers.

Smartcar in Sweden

Smartcar’s Sweden-based customers include the auto insurance provider Paydrive and the energy companies Krafthem and Greenely. Paydrive offers the country’s first pay-per-mile auto insurance. The company uses Smartcar to verify vehicle mileage with a simple API request. Krafthem provides EV owners with cheaper and more sustainable electricity that helps balance the electric grid. Smartcar’s technology allows Krafthem to connect with their customers’ electric vehicles to remotely start and stop charging them at the best times.

Smartcar in Norway

The car sharing platforms Nabobil and TapCar have been using the Smartcar platform in Norway. Nabobil offers a peer-to-peer car sharing app to vehicle owners and renters across the country. Using Smartcar’s digital key API, the company lets car owners rent out their vehicles contactlessly and without the need for a hardware device.

If your business provides services to vehicle owners in Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, or Norway, you can now create a free Smartcar account and request early access to our APIs in Europe. Stay tuned as we’ll launch in additional countries soon!

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