Swedish Insurer Develops Digital Frame Number for Bicycles

Swedish insurer If Insurance, in partnership with the Danish National Police and experts in the field of cycling and research, has co-developed a digital frame number to reduce bicycle theft. Why? Because ~400,000 bicycles are stolen in the Nordic region every year. And because “police will never have the resources needed to solve all bicycle debris. Therefore, you need to take the technology to help.” 


If Product Manager Mikkel Rud Pedersen has been involved in this new development. Here’s how it works: a digital frame number is encoded into two chips – for the bike and for an app. Bike owners using the app can alert when their bike is missing. They enter information such as name and address, as well as warranty and receipt details. Also, folks can assist in the discovery of a stolen bike with the promise of a monetary reward.



“It’s possible to quickly identify if the bike has an owner or if it is left or discarded, and the police will be able to see if it is stolen. In addition, the customer can transfer the information directly to his insurance company from the app” – Mikkel Rud Pedersen.