Vitality to create fully digital healthcare experience

Vitality to deliver a fully digital healthcare experience for its members.

Care Hub, Vitality’s online platform where members can manage their healthcare needs, will soon allow members to initiate and receive immediate authorization for treatment online, research an appropriate consultant and book an appointment directly through the portal. A new Consultant Finder tool will help members find the most appropriate clinician for their needs and select a consultant from Vitality’s new Premier Consultant Panel, should they wish.

Vitality’s new Premier Consultant Panel consists of consultants across a full range of specialties and regions, who have been invited to join based on an evaluation of more than 200 data points including treatment outcomes, clinical practice, and efficiency measures from both private and NHS practice. Patients treated by Premier Consultants are shown, on average, to spend less time in hospital and suffer fewer complications that require them to be re-admitted.

Vitality is also making a series of product enhancements including a new optical, dental, and hearing coverage option on insurance plans, and has also updated its worldwide travel and emergency overseas medical expenses coverage.

“The healthcare landscape is evolving faster than ever before. The pandemic has been a catalyst for the adoption of digital healthcare services and with it, individuals’ expectations in how they want to receive care have also now evolved. We are making a series of enhancements over the coming months to meet these changing needs and giving members the tools to navigate their care online from GP referral to consultant appointment. Our Premier Consultant Panel will provide members with the option to choose consultants that have been rigorously evaluated on more than 200 data points and are shown to deliver key outcomes which are indicative of quality and efficiency. This is good for our members and good for us as an insurer. And as an organization that is rooted in the idea of shared value, we’re committing to returning some of the value generated through more efficient care to members in the form of cashback.” – Dr Keith Klintworth, Group COO and Managing Director, VitalityHealth.