W&W Launches Digital Brand “Adam Riese”

German insurer Wüstenrot & Württembergische (W&W) has recently launched a D2C digital brand called “Adam Riese” . Currently customers can purchase private liability insurance online. Look:



Adam Riese is offered digitally – via its site and via a comparison site called Verivox, and via brokers. Also, legal protection insurance will be added soon.


What’s in a name?

The insurer is named after German mathematician and the father of modern arithmetic Adam Ries (January 17, 1492 – March 30, 1559) that’s known for his arithmetic books that ensured “poor common man won’t be cheated.” Ries believed that “God has ordered everything according to measurement, weight and quantity.” 


The brand Adam Ries was first trademarked on June 2, 2017. It stands for (1) ease of use, (2) flexible coverage that can be terminated daily, and (3) accessibility – “from registration to regulation, Adam Riese is always there for you.” “Adam Riese stands for understandable products and honest insurance. We focus on quality, convince with simplicity and inspire with digital services. In less than three minutes convenient to your personal liability, insurance matters regulate online, expert advice in live chat and on the phone – we are there for you, from the conclusion to the claim.” It is led by Dr. Oliver Kuhnle.


PS. Wustenrot & Wurttembergische now owns 100% stake in digital insurance manager treefin AG; up from 75%, last year.

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