Zeguro partners with Cobalt to offer pentest as a service

Cyber safety and insurance provider Zeguro has partnered with  Cobalt.io to offer its customers a 20% discount on pentesting through Cobalt when they sign up through the Zeguro platform.

Established in 2013, Cobalt offers next-generation manual pentesting for companies that want quality security testing built into their development cycle that satisfies sales, compliance, and regulatory requirements. Their “Pentest as a Service” offering includes clear and actionable findings along with in-app reporting for multiple use cases.

Combined with Zeguro’s core trainingsecurity policy managementweb app scanning, and cyber insurance, SMBs enjoy significantly reduced cyber risk and can focus attention on business success drivers such as revenue and operations.

“We are excited about our partnership with Zeguro and look forward to helping its customers level-up their security and meet necessary compliance obligations. Together, we offer SMBs a comprehensive and interactive look at their security posture.” – Karen Nguyen, VP of Sales at Cobalt.io.