Zeguro partners with TDI to provide cyber performance management for SMBs

Cyber insurance provider Zeguro has partnered with TDI, which develops CnSight, a lightweight and scalable platform that makes it easy to monitor and manage the effectiveness of cyber programs. This solution uses automated cybersecurity metrics to baseline an organization’s cyber health and monitor the effectiveness of changes to people, processes, and tools towards overall security posture.

Zeguro’s data-centric underwriting approach allows TDI customers to save money on their cyber insurance premiums. Zeguro’s cyber insurance provides coverage for payment fraud, ransomware, regulatory fines, network security liability, and more. The entire process of buying cyber insurance with Zeguro is streamlined, allowing its clients to purchase a policy in as little as five minutes.

“We focus on simplifying cybersecurity and cyber insurance. Through our partnership with TDI, SMBs can save time and money, all while helping them achieve a more mature cyber risk posture.” – Sidd Gavirneni, CEO and co-founder of Zeguro.

“With CnSight, it’s our mission to empower customers with cost effective, actionable cybersecurity situational awareness so they have the needed insights to truly do more with less. Our partnership with Zeguro not only exemplifies this but highlights our shared ethos of bringing order to the complex.” – Jesse Dean, VP of Solutions at TDI.