Meshify and Amazon Sidewalk to help fulfill the promise of IoT risk management

Water leak and freeze sensors designed by Meshify, the Internet of Things (IoT) subsidiary of specialty insurer HSB , will connect through the new Amazon Sidewalk shared community network. Once launched on Amazon Sidewalk, the Meshify Defender S sensor will be more accessible to restaurants, medical offices, smaller commercial buildings, single-family homes, and other smaller locations.

Activated through the Meshify Protect app, HSB’s Meshify sensors monitor property 24/7 to detect frozen pipes, water leaks, and other perils, issuing alerts when conditions require action.

“Working together, Meshify and Amazon Sidewalk will help fulfill the promise of IoT risk management for homes and businesses of all sizes. In the past, only industrial or large companies could afford commercial-grade IoT solutions. Now, every U.S. location in a town or neighborhood, with Amazon Sidewalk coverage, can take full advantage of our high quality, lower cost solution, and enjoy the loss prevention potential of IoT sensors protecting their property.” – Greg Barats, president and chief executive officer of HSB, part of Munich Re.

“Often, property is damaged by water and fire which may have been prevented if IoT technologies had been fully adopted by owners and their insurers. By leveraging Amazon Sidewalk’s ability to provide long-range, low-bandwidth connectivity with extended battery life, we can democratize these applications for small businesses, towns, and neighborhoods, providing cost-effective and secure IoT solutions to more places than ever before.” – John Riggs, chief technology officer for HSB and president of Meshify.