LIBRA partners with Human API to utilize EHR data

Insurance marketing organization LIBRA Insurance Partners has partnered with Human API to simplify the life insurance purchase process by giving consumers a way to share access to their electronic health records (EHR). The move to utilize EHR data has been accelerated by the current COVID-19 crisis. Given the disruption to traditional underwriting requirements such as paramedical exams and attending physician statements, the insurance industry is proactively leveraging alternative data sources like EHRs to find new ways to respond.

Through this partnership, LIBRA aims to provide its agencies with a fully digital authorization experience. The two-minute process can be done in the comfort of a client’s home without the need to interact with healthcare providers or in-person nurse visits. Agencies can then share the digital medical data directly with carriers to expedite the underwriting process and replace required labs and paramedical exams.

“Too many Americans have little or no life insurance in place. We know that life insurance provides peace of mind and is fundamental to good financial planning. However, many consumers find the buying process rather daunting. We need to make it easier if we are going to close the protection gap. Human API helps our partner agencies deliver a streamlined experience. Now more than ever, it’s critical that they can deliver a fast, no-touch and digital option to help consumers secure the protection they need. Our agencies are essential resources, making sure advisors have the right solutions for their clients. It’s important that they also have the tools they need to expedite the underwriting process as much as possible for their clients.” – Kelli Grass, Senior Vice President at LIBRA Insurance Partners.

We’re working with everyone across the insurance ecosystem, from carriers to IMOs such as LIBRA, that are focused on making sure we navigate this crisis and emerge stronger as an industry on the other side . We’re in a unique position to help the insurance industry adapt to our new normal. It’s a privilege and responsibility that we don’t take lightly. We’re very excited to be working with a partner like LIBRA that has its sights set on the future. This is a perfect opportunity to advance the industry’s digital transformation with collective action, which aligns with our company mission to accelerate the pace of innovation for consumers leveraging their own health data.” – Andrei Pop, CEO at Human API.